About the CMoA


CMoA’s mission is to preserve examples of the computing artifacts that contributed to the digital revolution, to catalog these historically important artifacts, and record their surrounding history. Our goal is to ensure these assets are available for study, for exhibition, for education, and to encourage economic and vocational empowerment.


To anchor and inspire a larger community of educators, makers, entrepreneurs, academic institutions and businesses that can benefit from CMoA’s facilities. We seek to reveal lessons from the history of computing to the widest possible audience, and empower generations of students, entrepreneurs, workers, and educators to excel.


Computing history is worthy of preservation and study in its own right. Our core conviction is that the history of computing contains many revelations about human innovation and creative problem solving. We especially embrace making technology careers accessible to everyone, including underserved populations.

Pop-Up Exhibits

Before the idea of a permanent space was a reality, over the past several years, CMoA has opened for a series of private shows and events in a “vintage” Comp USA building in Roswell, GA. These temporary “pop-up exhibits” served as a “test kitchen” for feedback, input and response from visitors, and informed the plans to develop the museum’s ultimate design and location.

Our Collections


From room-size supercomputers to minis, peripherals, and one of the world’s broadest collections of personal computers from a vast number of manufacturers. Many rare prototypes and one-offs are represented.



CMoA holds a formidable collection of historical Operating Systems, Application Programs, Games, Databases and Customized Systems across a variety of platforms & media.



CMoA has an expansive collection of documentation including: Artwork, Periodicals, Books, Engineering Drawings, Corporate Memos & Correspondence, and Operating Manuals.

Commerce & Culture


Beyond tech, the collection includes many non-hardware products produced to motivate engineering teams, marketing campaigns for product launches, and sales promotions.